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Pre-Payment Cap Price Plan

C.E. Kiff has developed a Pre-Payment Capped Price Plan to offer our customers the best of both worlds: protection from higher prices by setting a capped (maximum) price and allowing your price per gallon to be lowered should the market price drop.

You are not locked into a price if the market drops, but you do have a maximum (cap) price if the market goes up. This is a win-win: you don’t pay more than the cap if the market goes up, and if the market goes down, you are not locked into any price, unlike the Pre-Payment Fixed Price Plan. As an added bonus, Pre-Payment Capped Price Plan customers are placed on automatic fuel delivery.

Please note: a cap insurance fee is associated with this plan. The cost of the cap insurance is purchased from our suppliers and is non-refundable.


  • Best Price Guarantee: you have a set maximum capped price and, should the market prices go down, so will yours
  • Protection from prices higher than the capped price
  • You are NOT locked into a price
  • You may receive fuel deliveries at a lower price if the market drops
  • Automatic fuel delivery included


Prepay Cap Price Plan For 2023-2024

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*Fuel Price Plans are subject to change and availability. Additional fuel plan terms and conditions apply.