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Monthly Budget Cap Price Plan

C.E. Kiff’s Monthly Budget Cap Price Plan continues to grow in popularity in the Delhi, NY area because it offers a set maximum (capped) price, and, if the cash price is less at time of delivery, you will receive the lower price. C.E. Kiff has developed a Monthly Budget Cap Price Plan to offer our customers the best of both worlds. In addition to the price protection and Best Price Guarantee, our Monthly Budget Cap Price Plan allows you to divide your heating fuel costs into 12 equal monthly payments.

Please note: a cap insurance fee is associated with this plan. The cost of the cap insurance is purchased from our suppliers and is non-refundable.


  • Best price because you have a set maximum capped price and the bonus that, should market price go down, so will your price per gallon
  • Protection from prices higher than the capped price
  • You may receive fuel deliveries at lower prices if the market drops
  • Your total season’s fuel cost is split into 12 equal monthly budget payments
  • Automatic fuel delivery scheduling included


  • There is an additional cap insurance cost

Monthly Budget Cap Price Plan – Call for Pricing and Availability

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