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Fuel Price Plans

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much your heating fuel will cost you this winter? C.E. Kiff’s Fuel Price Plans will help make purchasing your heating fuel in the Delhi, NY area predictable and manageable, allowing you to know today what your fuel costs will be in the unknown future.

Since heating oil is derived from crude oil, the market is global and complex, causing the price to be influenced by numerous factors. Recently, the value of the dollar, the condition of the US and Asian economies, geopolitical concerns, and speculators seem to dictate the price of fuels. It is not uncommon to see historic price swings within a week trading period. For this reason, C.E. Kiff, Inc. has developed Price Protection Plans that will help protect you from the market’s unpredictable ups and downs.

Visit the Fuel Plans 101 and the Fuel Pricing Plans FAQ pages to assist you with any questions you may have.


Prompt-Payment Discount*

If you do not wish to participate in a Prepay or Monthly Budget Price Protection Plan, you may purchase your fuel at the market price. If you pay within 10 days of delivery, C.E. Kiff will give you a Prompt Payment Discount of 10 cents per gallon*(*Discount offer may vary by fuel and delivery method).

Fuel Price Plans are subject to change and availability. Additional fuel plan terms and conditions apply.

Keep the heat on with HEAP. 

Learn helpful information on New York State’s Home Energy Assistance Program web page, or call (800) 342-3009 today.