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Heating Oil and Kerosene

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Residential Fuel

With C.E. Kiff, homeowners have a heating oil delivery company that they can rely on. We offer automatic fuel delivery where we base your delivery on usage and a scientific degree day calculation. Our weather station determines the severity of the weather, and our computer system tracks your unique usage, telling us when to deliver so you are less likely to run out of fuel.

We also offer pricing programs to suit every budget. See how you can take advantage of reliable delivery and competitive pricing.

Don’t forget: Kiff Total Care – a plan that gives you complete piece of mind. Receive the benefits of automatic delivery and the savings of our parts and labor coverage, covering all the costs of parts and labor for any service call.

Commercial and Agricultural Fuel

C.E. Kiff keeps your business fueled with all the necessary products. Our heating oil will keep your buildings warm while our motor fuels (gasoline and diesel) will keep your vehicles and equipment powered. Interested? Contact us for current pricing. We would love the opportunity to discuss pricing programs with you that are customized to suit a business’s needs.

Just like our residential customers, our commercial fuel customers can sign up for automatic delivery at no additional charge. Create peace of mind and eliminate run-outs!

Kiff also sells and installs all sizes of fuel storage tanks and pumps from 275-gallon to 15,000-gallon fuel storage. We can also assist you in a tank setup or replacement.

Benefits of Oil Vs Other FuelsKiff Van

  • Experience the most BTUs per gallon so you get better efficiencies, regardless of prices
  • There are no supply problem concerns, unlike propane and natural gas which are rationed in winter months
  • Easy, easy, easy! No mess, no wood splitting, no pests, no bags of pellets to haul
  • Delivered straight to your doorstep – just set the thermostat and relax
  • Highly competitive market, rather the monopoly found in the natural gas market

Kiff Fuels Vs Other Company Fuels


We treat all our home heating oil with HeatForce – Heating Oil Plus additive to help clean and reliable burning fuel which stabilizes fuel and eliminates sludge while protecting your tank and burner. This treatment reduces fuel-related service calls and contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, metal deactivators, and biocides.


C.E. Kiff supplies all of your kerosene needs throughout the Delhi, NY area. Not only do we sell quality kerosene, but we sell it at competitive prices.

With C.E. Kiff, all your heating oil needs are covered for home and business throughout Delhi, NY and the surrounding areas!