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Winterizing Services

CE Kiff Winterizing ServicesNo one understands the devastating damage that frozen pipes create more than C.E. Kiff. We winterize homes in the Delhi, NY area with antifreeze so that the plumbing and heating system is protected should you decide to vacate for the winter months. Unfortunately, every year we are called to repair frozen pipes that are a result of either an improperly winterized home or because someone that thought they could leave their home unattended for the weekend.

C.E. Kiff only uses domestic, non-toxic antifreeze for your safety and protection.

Common appliances and fixtures that we use antifreeze in:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Ice Makers
  • Dishwashers
  • Clothes Washing Machines
  • Domestic Plumbing System
  • Sanitary Plumbing System
  • Boiler Heating System

What is involved when we winterize?

  1. The water supply source must be turned off and drained – a drain/pump hookup may need to be installed to drain the home’s plumbing.
  2. A pump is attached and non-toxic, domestic antifreeze is pumped through the piping, faucets, and appliances.
  3. Traps and drains are purged with antifreeze.
  4. The house is then winterized and should not be opened until the spring or summer when there is no chance of freezing temperatures.

Sensaphone® Services

Attention Seasonal/Second Homeowners

As an added protection, C.E. Kiff can install Sensaphone to you home in the Delhi, NY area to monitor your home’s condition. It can monitor and alert you of low temperature, high temperature, power failure, low battery (a backup power source), and loud noise level. Sensaphone also is the best bang for your buck, being more extensive and less expensive than other systems.

A water sensor can be added and placed near washing machines, basements, or other areas that may flood and cause damage if unnoticed for extended periods.

In addition to monitoring the various sensors, the Sensaphone can be remotely accessed by simply calling the phone number where it is physically installed. Many of our customers will call and check on their home’s temperature if they hear that the weather is bitter cold in Upstate NY. The Sensaphone does more than just sense, it can also be installed so you can turn your thermostat up or down by calling in. Some customers will call their Sensaphone on the way to their home and turn up the heat so the house is nice and warm when they arrive. Simple, reliable, affordable protection and convenience without any ongoing fees attached. Only at C.E. Kiff will you find the Sensaphone monitoring service.

How it works

If your home falls to or below a predetermined temperature, the Sensaphone begins calling the programmed telephone numbers. Because you are a C.E. Kiff customer, we will program our number so that we will be notified of a loss of heat condition. We do not charge a monitoring fee for this service, but you may be billed if we respond to a low-temperature condition. Should you ever move to a new home, the Sensaphone is simply unplugged from the telephone line and electrical outlet and is ready to be installed in your new home.