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Water Heaters

C.E. Kiff has seen our fair share of hot water heating systems throughout the Delhi, NY area. We would like to share some of our knowledge of these systems with you so that you may make educated decisions concerning the needs of you and your family.

Indirect Hot Water Heater

An indirect hot water heater can be added to any boiler to produce hot water for showering and dishwashing. This is the most efficient use of your boiler because you are utilizing the heat from water already produced and stored in the boiler. The indirect hot water tank is a very well insulated storage tank that circulates the boiler’s hot water through it as needed for domestic use.

C.E. Kiff recommends the Peerless® Partner Indirect Hot Water Heater. You won’t run out of hot water with this unit. It also has a limited lifetime warranty, making it the last hot water heater you may ever buy.

Tankless Coil

A tankless coil may be incorporated into a boiler’s design. This is an older means of heating hot water. It is less efficient than an indirect hot water heater but initially costs less. The supply of hot water is not endless because there isn’t a storage tank.

Oil-Fired Hot Water Heater

A standard oil-fired hot water heater is another option to produce hot water using heating oil. This is generally an option if a boiler is not available. These are advantageous if large amounts of hot water need to be produced quickly and constantly. For most residential applications, an indirect hot water heater or tankless coil is more cost-effective and appropriate.